Web Polling for the masses

Poll.li is another fun project that I did while I worked at Grio. Poll.li is a free voting mechanism that everyone can use on their website, something similar to Facebook’s like button. Poll.li comes with a twist, it offers a different theme and style that you could personalise. The user can then copy the code and put it on their blog/website.

Since the main concept is FUN!, I decided to create a mascot to go with the web. The mascot I designed was a colourful parrot (hence the name Poll.li). He was given green hair which reflects grio’s logo.


The whole website was given a colourful and illustrative look to go with the mascot. At the bottom of the page, there is a section to introduce a working example with some more illustrations and a funny storyline.

Another fun part was to develop a different theme for Poll.li.



  • • Design Concept
  • • Character Design
  • • Illustration
  • • Visual Design