Google BigQuery Demo

Unleash the power of BigQuery.

Google BigQuery is a service offer user to query massive datasets which can be time consuming and expensive without the right hardware and infrastructure. The aim of this project was to translate the power of big query into something tangible that could be easily understood to audiences that might not necessarily have an advance knowledge of Technology.

Initially, I came up with two different concepts.

One was a fortune teller booth (remember Zoltar from the movie Big?), where a user can ask the Query Master a question on an interactive basis, and the latter will run through the database and give the user an answer.

The second idea was of a Google scientist who leads you through an underground lab where you can interact with the Query machine.

The second idea ended up being chosen, since it was more fun and interactive. I then drew up a few storyboard and interactive prototypes to explain my idea to the programmer.

The result was a fun, innovative, googly site that allowed users to perform queries against large public datasets (wikipedia and global weather). Although the main demo has already put down, you could still see it on the demo site.


  • • Concept Development
  • • Storyboard
  • • Illustration
  • • UI/UX design
  • • Front-End: HTML/CSS